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Pearl Dental Studio is a premier full service prosthetic/cosmetic dental facility specializing in the functional and aesthetic design of upper and lower full arch dental cases. We offer a variety of progressive services which allows our dentists to utilize the latest cosmetic dentistry advances and materials.

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Specializing in Boutique Style Digital Dentistry

A Premier Design and Fabrication Dental Lab

Pearl dental studio is a premier design and fabrication dental lab catering to the digitally oriented dental practice.

We specialize in cases that involve 3-D imaging from single teeth model-less restorations, To engineering large sophisticated cases that require multiple disciplines. We specialize in cases that involve 3-D imaging computer guided surgery where it becomes more like a type of engineered dental technology.

We are a laboratory that values education ,always staying abreast of trends , technology and material development. We have become a valuable resources or our clients that will be successful in the future.

Digital dentistry creates the perfect foundations or the fusion of technology, artistry, efficiency and communication. Digital dentistry is more than a hype, it is a tool when properly implemented and fully educated , return on investment can be excellent, increased joy in practicing dentistry can be experienced, better care and higher value perception can be delivered.

The future of dentistry is now. Waiting another 10 years to adopt or integrate these new areas of dentistry will leave you decades behind. There is something said about early adopter early majority.

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Cosmetic Imaging

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words! Showing people how they could appear with a more appealing smile is by far the most effective way to create desire for cosmetic dentistry. It creates an emotional impact that word , wax-ups or demonstration pictures can never equal. Once people want that new smile, and amazing number will get it. Pearl has a system that will allow any dental team to take pictures quickly and easily. Most people are unaware of how white, straighter teeth could brighten up their faces. Pearl's pictures are beautiful, high quality pictures that have a powerful emotional impact on all people, showing how a new smile can affect one's appearance. Pearls cosmetic imaging will get all the cosmetic cases you want without the hard sell. The payoff is enormous. ( Discount Packages available on Cosmetic imaging).

Cosmetic Imaging1
Cosmetic Imaging2
Cosmetic Imaging3

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Full anatomical/ Diagnostic Wax-ups

Essential to the Cosmetic Dental planning process @@@ TEMP image

A full anatomical or diagnostic wax-up Is a very important part of the planning process. The use of Diagnostic wax-up is highly recommended for the planning process. The use of diagnostic wax-ups, to be used in various situations from simple patient assessment to more extensive prosthodontic rehabilitation. We recommend considering this useful sales tool as well as a tool used to identify potential treatment obstacles that could affect both treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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The Template Technique

Save Time and Increase Patient Satisfaction @@@ TEMP image

Putting your patients in a provisional that is quick and fabricated in your office. The template technique will save you time, reduce anxiety, increase satisfaction and improve predictability. We incorporate our artistry and occlusal knowledge in our wax designs and transfer them into two layered transparent templates giving you the blueprint that ensure patient satisfaction with our provisionals.

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Try-in Smile

The Perfect Sales and Diagnostic Tool Try In Smile

In addition to the cosmetic imaging and diagnostic wax-ups as a fabulous sales tools we are proud to introduce to our new doctors the try-in smile. Not only can this technique be utilized as a sales too it is a diagnostic tool as well when it comes to creating a functional matrix establishing lip support, incisial display and phonetics. Please consider these useful tools with your treatment planning arsenal.

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Smile Makeover Gallery

Custom Cosmetic Makeovers

View our Smile Makeover images with of Before and After photos.

Smile Makeover 1
Smile Makeover 2
Smile Makeover 3
Smile Makeover 4
Smile Makeover 5
Smile Makeover 6
Smile Makeover 7
Smile Makeover 8

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Additional Services

A full array of valuable services

Pearl Dental Studio offers an array of services far beyond full service restorative work. Diagnostic wax-ups, computer imaging and estimates are a must for the contemporary dental practice. For the growing or transitioning practice, our support with FREE staff training is a huge benefit. This can vary from digital photography to diagnostic waxing with everything in between. We are also proud to offer the networkabillity of a list of top notch services :

Case Planning Today’s elective cosmetic dentistry requires a comprehensive understanding of dentofacial esthetics with a multi-disciplinary approach. Minor perio or ortho may be needed to reach the desired results. These additional treatment considerations may take only a few weeks, but can make the difference between acceptable and exceptional results.

Computer Imaging Our computer imaging service is NOT from a “smile library” but rather an original made through realistic changes of the original. Our graphic designer teams-up with our certified technicians, whose experience and expertise are used in a collaborative effort to produce results that are esthetic and achievable.

Digital Photography Digital photography has become as important to predictably successful cosmetic dentistry as the articulator is to successful functional dentistry. We consider it so important that we offer training FREE to doctors and staff for any Bay View customers.

CT Scans Once the proper tooth position has been established through either a diagnostic wax-up or set-up, the tooth position and bone position can be evaluated for proper implant placement and inclination. Simply send a copy of the CT Scan in for our implant specialists and they will arrange an online web conference with you and the surgeon, and you will benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to implant treatment planning.

Referrals & Other Service Providers We are also happy to offer referrals and facilitate networking with a list of top notch service providers. You can see more information here.

Plus we offer website design and S.E.O work, marketing support, human resources, legal/leasing consulting, and dental practice management. At Pearl Dental Studio we really are your partners, and do everything we can to be a resource.

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